TM-DT- 0
TM-DT- 1
Manual Sand Blasting Cabinets
TM-BR Walk-in Blasting Chamber
Options of types of sand blasting cabinets→

1. Scraping dust-sweeping devices without digging up the foundation and with little restriction for space.
2. Built-in anti-dust and waterproof fluorescent lamps lighting system.
3. Optional for two types of sand recycling devices: cyclone recycle and bucket recycle.
4. Equipped with a dust-collecting system to avoid powder pollution and to increase visibility.
Blasting chamber specific for glass carving industry:
1. Equipped with an electric cart-delivering device. The operator may proceed blasting through the hand-stretching hold outside of the cabin.
2. The cart cab be driven to the blasting chamber to place/retrieve workpieces, which can be moved up/down/right/left, saving the time necessary for moving, delivery and stop for enhancing work efficiency and reducing personnel pollution.
3. Sand material is automatically collected in the collection bucket through the ground scraper and then recycled in the storage tank via the cyclone or bucket device without sweeping the sand. Saving time and manpower in a great proportion in sand recycle and thereby enhancing the production capability.
Blasting of plate objects and large-sized workpieces such as stone, glass and iron sheet.
A blasting chamber used for ordinary glass consists of the following components
1.Dust-collector 6.Hoist platform 11.nozzle
2.Blasting cabinet (open) 7.Hand-stretching iron ring 12.Blasting pipe
3.Air compressor 8.hand-stretching glove 13.Blasting chamber
4.Freezing drier 9.Transient-control system 14.blasting-proof rubber
5.Automatic sand recycling system 10.Sand 15.Blasting glove

TM-DT Open Blasting Machines

1. Easy to operate and control, stable injection, automatic stopper stop, speed processing, durable sand mixers.
2. [Options] Remote control system, enabling blasting machines to remote-control blasting and stop.
a. The remote control system is optional for transient control for pressure-keeping (manual pressure-releasing) or non-pressure-keeping (auto-pressure-releasing).
b. The remote control switch is optional for pressure-keeping and non-pressure-keeping, both being provided with hand-pressing trigger type or pedal type.
  Carving of stone, wood and glass, repairs of outdoors aerospace industry, ships, roads/bridges, and blasting of steel plates and large-sized machine parts.
The operational pressure for the horsepower of air compressor
of an open blasting machine is suggested at 5kg/cm 2

Nozzle diameter


4 mm

6 mm

8 mm

10 mm

12 mm

Requirements of an air-compressor horsepower


15 HP

30 HP

50 HP

75 HP

100 HP

Reference sand output per minute








Space required (height)

Sand capacity (liter)

Nozzle diameter



ψ600*1250 (height)

75 (liter)


1/2" or 3/4"


ψ725*1300 (height)

150 (liter)


3/4" or 1"


ψ850*1350 (height)

200 (liter)


3/4" or 1"

(The requirements of the air compressor's horsepower have already calculated the additional 50% of air consumption resulting from an enlarged nozzle diameter after wearing. The sand output listed above is for reference only. A practical sand output will vary with the settings of the sand-adjustment valve and the push valve.)