Automatic blasting machines
TM-TT disk automatic blasting machines
Options of types of Automatic blasting machines →  

1. At operation all you need to do is just place the workpiece on the disk and, after the setup, you can proceed with the automatic blasting processing. Simple and convenient.
2. Available for manual or automatic. At manual operation, a blasting gun is controlled by a running-board for operation.
3. Automatic control. The functions of timing, automatic stop and so on are provided.
4. With the swinging device for an independent blasting gun in a standard equipment, the area of blasting can then be enlarged and the blasting processing can be made more evenly.
5. The frequency-converter in a standard equipment can be proceeded with the micro-adjustment for the speeds of the automatic turntable.
6. [Optional] At idling operation, the air-blowing cleaning device can clean the workpiece and increase the collection of sands.
7. [Optional] 2 blasting guns in a basic type. You may opt for 4 or 6 blasting-gun and R-type blasting guns with different sizes.

This is a machine specific for outside processing of cylindrical workpieces, such as paint and rust clearing of a fire extinguisher; surface carving of glass vases, art lamps, twin-layer glass lamp covers, marble vases, etc; automatic blasting treatment of an anti-cylindrical patter for a wire-extending wheel.

TM-TTT Disk automatic blasting machines

Simple and convenient operation. All you need is place the workpiece on the disk and then start the automatic blasting processing by pressing the button.
For a blasting cabin to independently operate, you can use different sands and set a different operating pressure and time. It is particularly applicable for workpieces which require two different sands for blasting processing.
An independent swinging device for a blasting gun is provided in each blasting cabin so the blasted area can be enlarged and the blasted surface can be made more evenly.
The turntable speed, blasting time and blasting pressure of each blasting gun can be set separately.
While a blasting cabin is proceeding blasting operation, another blasting cabin can proceed loading/unloading. Only one operator is needed for proceeding the production, advantageous for him to enhance the efficiency.

This type is applicable to top or peripheral processing for disk-type workpieces, such as the surface blasting processing of glass disk, marble artifacts, etc.

TM-TTH turntable-type automatic blasting machines

1. During processing it becomes full-closed with low pollution.
2. Workpieces can be arranged out of the machine and then placed on the disk in the machine for operation. The time of suspension can be reduced. It is considerably applicable to the processing of small parts.
3. One operator can manipulate many machines simultaneously. Workforce can be saved comparably.
4. It can automatically perform speed, even blasting for several workpieces with functions of time-setting, automatic blasting of workpieces, dust-cleaning, and so forth.
Applicable to the processing of blasting for workpieces with a large quantity but in fear of being scraped, such as electronic parts, magnetic head for recording, switches of gas tanks, and precision soft metal.