Automatic blasting machines
TM-BT ring-belt automatic blasting machines
Options of types of Automatic blasting machines ÷  

1. Extremely applicable to workpieces in automatic blasting operation that small-part crashing is not a concern and each lot can be mass-processed.
2. At operation all the operator needs to do is just place a designated number of workpieces into the ring belt and set the blasting time and then the automatic blasting operation can be activated. The operation and maintenance are both easy to learn.
3. Pressing the reversal button for ring belt to turn backward for automatic material output. Unloading is considerably convenient and energy-saving.
4. Cyclone separators: can separate sands between 150#-320# in micro-adjustment. Excellent results. Usable sands are never lost.
5. The rotational speeds of the ring belt can be micro-adjusted through the frequency-converter according to working requirements.
6. The blasting gun is provided with a pendulum for high blasting efficiency and evenness.
The cleaning air gun, controlled by a idle-running timer, can be set for the time of idle-running air blowing for cleaning workpieces and for a thorough collection of sand.
Auto blasting of workpieces with large quantity and small size, such as heat-dissipating pieces, powder metallurgical products, bakelite products, plastic products, and small parts such as screws, gears, acrylic, sleeves, wrenches, scissors.




Max. treatment t weight 50kg/ lot 120kg/ lot
Max. treatment volume

20 liter/ lot

80 liter/ lot

HP of air compressor required



Dust-collector HP 3HP


Ring belt power 1/4HP


Pendulum power 1/4HP


Storage of blasting tube

50 kg

50 kg

No. of blasting guns



Nozzle diameter 8mm 8mm
Nozzle material boron steel boron steel
Full width required approx. 1130 mm approx. 1380 mm
Full depth required approx. 1110 mm approx. 1400 mm
Full height required approx. 2400 mm approx. 2890 mm
Full weight of mainframe approx. 550 kg approx. 1125 kg
Weight of dust-collector approx. 144 kg approx. 205 kg

TM-BC blasting machines specific for clean rooms

Becomes full-closed during processing without fearing environmental pollution.
Workpieces can be processed with continuous automatic blasting; and depending on workpieces, the speed of the conveyor belt can be controlled by a frequency-converter.
Depending on the workpiece, the blasting gun adopts fixed swing design and can micro-adjust every injection angle to achieve a perfect result for cleaning spilt gel or letters cleaning.
At operation, all you needs is just place the workpiece on the conveyor belt and go ahead with the processing of automatic blasting. The operation is considerably simple and convenient.
select each kind of sands such as aluminum oxide, glass beads or plastic grits, depending on the product.
6. With the sand collection gun, it becomes very convenient to collect the sands spilling out of the blasting gun in the system.
7. (Optional) Static electricity liquid-blasting device, applicable to the types that use nylon-grit sands.
Spilt gel-cleaning in the packaging of electronic products or printed letters cleaning, and cleaning of oxidized layer on the supports for further treatment before the supports of the electronic products are electro tin-plated and tin-dipping.